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Commercial Cleaning
Touch of Class Cleaning Service works hard to keep your workplace clean! Whether you run a small business, a large national corporation, or a government agency, we provide your facility with expert cleaning services at affordable prices. Our commercial cleaning provide one-time cleaning services under both normal and emergency circumstances. Our knowledgeable cleaning team is fully capable of completing any commercial cleaning task at your request!
For busy business owners, timing is everything. We want to make sure that your office cleaning is handled right the first time. That’s why customers hire Touch of Class Cleaning for commercial cleaning services. Trust our staff to keep your office clean!
Our commercial janitorial service is committed to providing healthy, clean, and safe environments in the facilities that we clean. Put our skills and experience to work for you! We will review your cleaning needs and can present a detailed proposal of our cleaning services for your review. Contact Touch of Class Cleaning Service today for an evaluation of your commercial cleaning services
in Delaware.